Rogue Rogue has one of the most deadly of mutant abilities. She can absorb the memories of anyone she touches and the powers of any mutant she touches. If the contact lasts too long, she can kill the person. Her powers first manifested when she was kissed by a boy. As a result, the boy ended up in a coma. In the movie, the boy's name is David, but in the comics he's called Cody. Rogue
Of all the characters in the movie, Rogue is the one who differs the most from her comic persona. In the comics, Rogue is a full-grown woman who was raised by Mystique, yet in the movie Rogue is shown to be a teenager who has both a mother and a father.
In the movie, Rogue's real name is given as Marie. To the best of my knowledge, Rogue is the only name she has been given in the comics.

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